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Biomedicine is a multidisciplinary scientific research area where practitioners, engineering and clinical investigators work collaboratively to find cutting edge innovative solutions for advanced medical care that leads to enhanced quality of life. Due to rapid technological advancement in this area,  knowledge of diseases, how to diagnose and treat them is now well beyond our expectations. ........

Computer Robot


Biomedical (science and engineering) is a multidisciplinary scientific research area where engineering and clinical investigators 



The advent of bioinformatics and computational engineering in the field of clinical research have given rise to a convergence of bioethics and computational ethics.

Fingerprint Access


Cybersecurity is all about protecting the components and data we rely on, components connected to the internet - wireless or not - can be compromised.



Objectives to synchronize information and activities across governance and compliance to understand the full scope of risks and optimize processes and procedures in achieving business goals, address uncertainty, avoid wasteful overlaps, and act with integrity.

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