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Blobkchain, a chain of possibilities, a bleeding-edge technology, a segmented crypto-database, makes any digital asset unalterable and transparent using decentralization electronic ledger and cryptographic hashing. It is focused on creating trust in an untrusting ecosystem, making it a potentially strongest cybersecurity technology. Blockchain leads to new opportunities and benefits for entire ecosystems through digital footprint, greater transparency, flexibility, enhanced security, and easier trackability. It means that the footprint of all the digital assets can be track back to the beginning and it will be greatly beneficial for medical science, academia, and financial institutions.

There have been numerous hacking and data leaks incident in the forms of massive data breaches, cryptojacking, and microchips flaws for the last server decades and has shaken the trust of people to store their data and personal information. As a result, Blockchain has emerged as the most secure, robust, and reliable technology to address these challenges with advanced protection any kinds internal and external threats on data.


CyberDash CrytoMetrics provides a knowledge based Blockchain platform that account for dynamic and unique mission for cybersecurity solutions in real time for the small to large enterprise ecosystems. Our private and permissioned blockchain model explore the concept of integrated cybersecurity platform equipped with multi-tier security compilation of Blockchain and biometrics. We used asymmetric encryption model based on 256-bit encrypted private key and 128-bit public keys hashed with biological attributes. This integrated BioBlockBits can keep a user’s identity inside a secure electronic distributed ledger system to achieve complete human control within their own block of data sets. 

The principle of Blockchain immutability and uniparallel security are widely accepted and integration of biometrics attributes would ensure the highest security one can ever imagine.  However, the computational power of quantum computing may endanger the integrity of public-key cryptography which is used as a backbone of Blockchain. We are at the edge of incorporating quantum computational theory in Blockchain. The main ideas are to have data with encoded quantum particles in the building of Blockchains, to generate the true random numbers, and to optimize the computational complexity on calculating the mathematical and statistical equations in real time.

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