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With the rapid advancement of scientific technology there has been a significant improvement over the last few decades for digital experiences, cybersecurity, computational engineering, digital communications, behavioral analytics, stochastic theory, encryption, and medical diagnostic systems. . 


Our Biometrics team is mainly focused on cybersecurity, blockchain, biological security, multi-tier authentication, encryption, and medical Biometrics. The objective is to innovate a sophisticated state of the art authentication and encryption algorithms to address these challenges in order to protect confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and nonrepudiation of data or identity   . . .

Image by david latorre romero
Quantum Computing

We are at the edge of incorporating quantum computational theory to generate large and true random numbers to model our cryptographic algorithms for blockchain based on qubits entangle in spatial and temporal domains.   . . . 

Image by Shubham Dhage

We used asymmetric encryption model based on 256-bit private key and 128-bit public keys hashed with biological attributes. This integrated BioBlockBits can keep a user’s identity inside a secure electronic distributed ledger system to achieve complete human control within their own block of data sets.  . . . 

ZERO Trust

We incorporate digital landscape for the entire ecosystem in ZERO Trust model. Our architecture ensures that data and access across the network are secure and based on endpoints parameters with the objective of seeing every user and device connected to that network   . . . 

Smart Alarm System
Computational Medicine

The computational medicinal field encompasses the science and engineering, of using clinical and biological data, to develop state of the art algorithms and establish relations among various clinical and biological systems. This sophisticated scientific field has significantly improved current knowledge of medical and biological systems in order to individualize our treatment process.    . . . 


eGRC & Data Analytics

Objectives to synchronize information and activities across governance and compliance to understand the full scope of risks and optimize processes and procedures in achieving business goals, address uncertainty, avoid wasteful overlaps, and act with integrity  . . .

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