With the rapid advancement of scientific technology there has been a significant improvement over the last few decades for digital experiences, data security, computational engineering, digital communications, behavioral analytics, stochastic theory, encryption, and medical diagnostic systems. The R&D department of CyberDash CryptoMetrics harnesses the benefits of open forms of organizing for innovation and promotes state of the art methodologies in collaboration with top professional, researchers, and practitioners in the world of computer technology, cybersecurity, blockchain, quantum computing, computational engineering, and biomedical fields. 

We are industrial leading in developing Multimodal cybersecurity platform, fusion of Blochchain and Biometrics.  Our vision is to develop advanced and novel scientific industrial based multimodal algorithms that would be able to detect, track, capture, analyze, process, encrypt, and model statistical data and images and signals to optimize user digital experiences and protect privacy and security in cyber domain. Our goal is to transform imagination into innovation. Our imagination becomes reality as it pushes our knowledge, experience, and expertise towards developing more advanced state of the art algorithms.

We work on cybersecurity, artificial and computational intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing, biometrics, ZERO Trust, endpoint security, multi-tier security and encryption and data model, computational security, biological security, computational engineering, optimization, mobile computing, digital communications, medical imaging and signaling, and pattern recognition. We not only model our novel algorithms, but we also work to develop platform to solve real world challenges. Our scientific research is highly focused on developing cutting edge computer aided (computational) technologies and transitioning them to fielded systems to make life a lot more convenient and secure for everyone. 

Biometrics, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and ZERO Trust

Computational Medicine, Biosecurity, and Bioethics

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