Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. -Albert Einstein

CyberDash CryptoMetrics is a unique multidisciplinary scientific research organization at the cutting edge of innovation in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, computational engineering, image and signal processing, mobile computing, biomedical and data science. We are focused on developing and implementing state of the art methods in blockchain, quantum computing, biometrics, computational security, Zero Trust, biological security, computational medicine, endpoint security, optimization, medical imaging and signaling, digital communications, cardiac and Parkinson's diseases, behavioral analysis, and pattern recognition. Our diverse and integrated computational methodologies transform our scientific experience, expertise, and imagination into sophisticated industrial based innovations.


We provide a unique collaborative environment that allows us to work with world-class professionals, researchers, and practitioners throughout the industrial and academic communities. We also invite you to send in your questions and share your expertise, experience, and imagination for pushing the boundaries of research and innovation in promoting emerging technologies to help improve humanity's quality of life.


Every dot has possibilities – the power of these possibilities is far larger than one might think. Our objective is to connect all these possibilities in order to explore an interactive cybersecurity platform, behavioral computing, cyberethics, and data science; optimize cyber threat prevention and remediation methods to protect our privacy and security. Our team members are more than happy to dedicate their time to answering your security questions.