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Cyberspace is a global domain on the rise in the field of information technology, leading to increased vulnerability of the system to breaches in privacy and security. Attackers in this domain target different organizations with surgical precision, accessing our data with fewer attempts but frequently compromising privacy and security. Every dot counts and everything must be verified. Any gap in our security posture makes vulnerability. No matter where or why a vulnerability originates, it can cause severe threats to the system and can also have the potential to be devastating to companies, their employees, and the consumers.

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Biometrics is the science of the automated recognition of individuals based on measurable physiological

Quantum Computing


A quantum computer is any device that uses the principles of superpositions of states 

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Blobkchain, a chain of possibilities, a bleeding-edge technology, a segmented crypto-database

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ZERO Trust 


Modern security challenges demand evolving security solutions. Security experts say Zero Trust

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