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Collaborative research opportunity on Computational Cyber Security, especially in following areas:


  • Splunk computational architecture to optimize Big Data security.

  • Digital Forensic. 

  • Digital/user experience platform (DXP).

  • Intrusion prevention and optimization.

  • Cyber Security

Potential candidates must be  fulltime 4th year Undergraduate or Graduate (Master's) students from the relevant discipline. However, candidates need to be  supervised by a faculty member of their choice

 and one of the members from the Center for Biometrics and Biomedical Research. Each of the selected groups will get:
  • US$650 (US$ Six Hundred Fifty) as their research expenses;
  • Publication expenses;
  • Opportunity to work with world class researchers;
  • Opportunity to publish their research in reputed conference and journal papers;
  • Opportunity to present their publications.
  • Submit via Email a no more than 2-page research proposal to VP Research and Innovation: by April 29. 2019.
  • Application must be forwarded by a supervisor of their choice; 
  • Supervisor must be a faculty member.
  • Any Questions: