Biometrics is the science of the automated recognition of individuals based on measurable physiological and . . . more


A quantum computer is any device that uses the principles of superpositions of states and . . . more


Blobkchain, a chain of possibilities, a bleeding-edge technology, a segmented crypto-database . . . more


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By principle Crypto (or Cryptography) is a measurable quantity in stochastic domain. It is the science of using mathematical formulation to encrypt and decrypt data. The main objective is to protect confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and nonrepudiation of data and identity.

The rapid revolution of information technology along with the rise in security and privacy concerns led to the emergence of blockchain, quantum computing, biometrics, and ZERO Trust systems as ultimate solutions to protect our cyber domain. With this reliance on computerized systems comes a variety of cyberthreats. It is of paramount importance for our government and private organizations to establish a robust, efficient, adaptive, accountable, and intelligence based computational cyber platform to deal with internal and external cybercrimes especially massive data breaches, cryptojacking, and flaws in microchips. 

Cyberspace is a global domain on the rise in the field of information technology, leading to increased vulnerability of the system to breaches in privacy and security. Attackers in this domain target different organizations with surgical precision, accessing our data with fewer attempts but frequently compromising privacy and security. Every dot counts and everything must be verified. Any gap in our security posture makes vulnerability. No matter where or why a vulnerability originates, it can cause severe threats to the system and can also have the potential to be devastating to companies, their employees, and the consumers. Using knowledge based multi-tier cybersecurity system compilation of blockchain, biometrics, and quantum computing within ZERO-Trust platform to secure our ecosystem against security, privacy, and unlinkability attacks. Our team is also at the edge of introducing the state of superposition theory of quantum computing to optimize the computational complexity in storing and manipulating data, and performing mathematical calculations of cybersecurity algorithms and inclusion of cyberethics in the estimation process.