About us

CyberDash CryptoMetrics is a center for scientific research and innovation, highly focused on cybersecurity, artificial and computational intelligence, ZERO Trust, computational biomedicine, image and signal processing, and data science. Our mission is to develop state of the art algorithms to enhance detection and tracking, vulnerabilities, measure severity level, optimize the medical diagnostic processes, strength our cyber resilience, and improve the public's ability to protect their own privacy and security. We bring our knowledge, experience, and imagination into our research and development to connect every possibility in order to complete a novel and sophisticated methodology. We validate the performance of our methodologies through experiments on realistic and real simulated data.

Our team encompasses high-profile research members with educational and professional backgrounds in cybersecurity, biomedical, bioinformatics, cognitive science, electrical, computer, and software engineering. We specialize in blockchain, quantum computing, computational security, artificial and computational intelligence, endpoint security, medical imaging and signaling, cardiac and Parkinson's diseases, REST API, encryption, pattern recognition, computational modeling, computer vision, and optimization. 


Blockchain, quantum computing, biometrics, ZERO Trust, computational security, artificial and computational intelligence, computational biomedicine, biological security, and behavioral analytics are the most diverse and fastest growing scientific research trends. Our scientific research has been presented and published in peer reviewed journals and conferences for such emerging trends. We are committed to extending cutting edge technologies in accessible ways for the convenience and advancement of humanity.
CyberDash CryptoMetrics has an advisory committee whose members are all distinguished professional and professors from world class industries as well as academic institutions. Our advisors are an integral part of our research team. We always collaborate with the advisory committee to coordinate our research and development work. Our scientific research team is also honored to answer your questions.